WELCOME to DEMON ACRES! Demon Acres is Hannibal's fastest growing Haunted Attraction. Sitting on 25 acres, we feature four terrifying haunt experiences. JAIL BREAK drops you at the most notorious jail in the state in the midst of a riot. There is no escape from the raging inmates. DEMON'S DEN is an intense walk through haunted house featuring High Tech Special Effects and Hollywood quality sets. We have DOUBLED the size of this hair-raising experience for twice the bone-chilling horror. Voted Best Over All Haunted Hayride by Scarycuse.com, DEPTHS OF THE DARK FOREST will take you deep into a nightmare woods. Prepare yourself for our demented demons, witches and torture scenes. NEW FOR 2020! INSANE ASYLUM Escape Rooms! Two brand new experiences that put you in the middle of horrifying insanity. BUT there's a way out. Will you find it in time? Can you survive the horror of DEMON ACRES??
Featuring 4 Terrifying Experiences!
You Can't Escape the Terror!
Get Tickets Now! Weekends in October Friday 7-11 PM Saturday 6:30-11 PM
For your safety and the comfort of all our guests smoking is strictly prohibited at Demon Acres. Security measures are in place and all guests are subject to Metal Detectors and Security Screenings.
Join us this December! A new event for the whole family!
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